You can spend hours fawning over the adorable quirks of dogs on the net, but shiba inu in particular can send you down quite the rabbit hole. Whether it be carrying over-sized bread pillows with them on walks or becoming gigantic drama queens at the vet, it seems you can always count on the breed to surprise you.

3-year-old shiba Yuki-chan (@n0qTVdKQKf4r0Qt) is the latest doggo starring on Twitter. As all pet owners know, it can be demoralizing when your pet refuses to use a bed you buy them. Fortunately that isn't the case for Yuki-chan, who has a fluffy fondness for the the cup udon noodle bed her owner recently got for her.

The pet bed is modeled after an instant cup serving of Kitsune udon ("fox udon"), which are udon noodles topped with sweetened fried tofu. As you can see, thanks to the adorable Yuki-chan, it might be better to call Yuki-chan's bed "shiba udon!"

On Yuki-chan's YouTube channel, you can watch her get comfortable in action.

As for the bed itself, it's a gag pet bed for cats and small dogs, available in soba, udon, and ramen types on Amazon.

Be sure to follow Yuki-chan on Twitter and YouTube for more adorable antics!.

By - Big Neko.