While we've seen popular events where shirtless macho men will rip up items that remind you of bad times, Japan hasn't done much in terms of putting violent stress relief directly into the hands of customers. Well, that appears to be changing, especially with Western Japan's first ever rage room, Crash Box Japan, recently opening up in Osaka. Those in search of relieving stress by smashing anything in sight--including glasses, furniture, appliances, and even luxury options such as champagne towers, can do so at Crash Box Japan. And even do it with Thor's mighty Mjölnir and Cloud's Buster Sword.

Guests are equipped with safety gear such as goggles, helmets, and full body suits. Then they are free to unleash their pent up rage by smashing any of the prepared items. Commemorative photos of your therapeutic rage session are recommended, as you can take advantage of the room's art decor and apparent selection of weaponry.

Both solo and group smashers are welcome, and can make reservations for a variety of courses ranging from 8kg-45kg worth of smashable material. You can find access information below for all your destructive needs.

Crash Box Shinsaibashi

2-10-21 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka Spageo Building 3D, 542-0086


By - Big Neko.