Source: @_DOGisGOD_

Clever Japanese pun doggo sushi is too cute to eat

Japanese Twitter user @_DOGisGOD_ lives with her beloved dog, an American cocker spaniel, Mei.

American cocker spaniels are known for its long, wavy coat, and Mei is no exception with her beautiful white coat.

One day, her daughter made “Inuri sushi”, a play on "inu" (Japanese for "dog") and inarizushi, a type of rice only sushi packaged in a fried pouch of tofu.

They posted photos of the finished product on Twitter, and the sushi acquired many fans quickly.

Take a look at these adorable puppy shaped sushi!

Source: @_DOGisGOD_

Source: @_DOGisGOD_

These “Inuri Sushi” look just like puppies wrapped in brown blankets peaking their heads out. Their eyes and snouts are made with nori seaweed.

The rice grains create some dimensional texture of soft and fluffiness of real doggies. They are so well done it makes you hesitant to eat them.

The post received 90k likes and many positive comments.

"They did a great job making it look “fluffy”. They look so adorable I wouldn’t want to eat them. "

"These look a lot like my pooch! Too cute!"

"Wow, great work! I’d like to try it sometime, too."

There have been many comments even from overseas screaming for its cuteness.

This only requires rice and nori seaweed, really, and you may not even need inari pouches, which makes it even easier to try yourself!

Why not give this a try for fun?

By - Mugi.