When it comes to heavy hitting burgers, Burger King fans in Japan have had their pick of the litter in recent months. Between Whoppers spicy enough to ward off evil or be dubbed magma meat walls, as well as one pound beef burger all-you-can-eat challenges, there's been no shortage of excess when it comes to having it your way.

According to Burger King Japan, however, their best selling item of the past year has been one with not the most attractive name: The Cheese Ugly Beef Burger. The burger's name is a reference to the sloppy aesthetic it has due its messy four-cheese buns, as well as a self-admitted doing away with attention to aesthetic appeal.

So following up on that popularity, Burger King has decided to double down on the ugliness with a saucy sequel certain to add some ooze to the series with their new Teriyaki Ugly Beef Burger.

Once again, the burger features handmade four cheese buns with slightly sour Gouda, mild Egmont, slightly sweet Mozzarella, and rich Cheddar cheese layered and baked into them. The main feature this time is a rich teriyaki sauce made from charred onions and red miso paste that slathers a 100% beef patty topped with pickles, fresh lettuce, tomato and onion. The combination of of cheeses and tangy teriyaki sauce is touted by Burger King as a sweet and sour burger.

The Teriyaki Ugly Beef Burger is currently available at Burger Kings across Japan for 690 yen on its own, and 990 yen in a set.

By - Big Neko.