Known for its traditional handmade crafting of brushes used in calligraphy and cosmetics, the city of Kumano in Hiroshima is sometimes called the "capital of brushes" in Japan. In particular, Kumano brushes are distinguished by not using machines to cut the tips of each brush point, so that each bristle ends in a fine natural point better suited for skincare.

On top of those skincare benefits, those seeking out Kumano brushes now have an option that features the likeness of perhaps Japan's most famous penguin with these new "Penguin Kumano Brushes."

Those who have used the commuter pass Suica when traveling in Japan may recognize the face of the penguin made up of individual bristles, as its the very same penguin featured on Suica cards. The character was designed by Japanese illustrator Chiharu Sakazaki, who is collaborating with Hikidashi Store and Kumano craftsmen to release an adorable penguin-themed high quality makeup brush.

The shaft of each brush is made from cherry blossom trees.

The brushes are currently available for online order in Japan from Hikidashi Store for 5,500 yen each.

By - Big Neko.