This new humidifier from Shine Co. Ltd, resembles the iconic burning Godzilla monster as seen in Toho Studio’s 1995 movie ‘Godzilla vs Destroyah’.

In the movie, fans will recall the moment when the king of the monsters was struck by a volcanic eruption and absorbed the energy from a uranium deposit hidden within the blast. Ultimately, the uranium boosted Godzilla’s powers, and it began to emit red-hot heat rays much more destructive than before. The blast also led to visible changes to Godzilla’s appearance, as it’s body began to glow with shades of orange and red, as if lava was burning from within.

The humidifier, which is set to be released in late November 2020, takes inspiration from the ‘burning godzilla’ scenes from the film.

The ‘Burning Godzilla humidifier’ is characterised by a bright red body that glows when it releases mist from the mouth. This reenacts the kaiju’s famous heat rays from the film. An adjustable volume setting also allows you to choose whether or not to listen to Godzilla’s roar and theme tune when the humidifier is in action.

Compared to a previous model (King Godzilla humidifier) produced by Shine Co. Ltd, the ‘Burning Godzilla Humidifier’ can release 1.5 times more mist. With the ‘Burning Godzilla Humidifier’, it is possible to humidify a room continuously for around 3 hours, and intermittently for around 8 hours with 70ml of water.

The humidifier is approximately W183mm X H218mm X D228mm, and comes with a measuring cup for supplying water as well as an AC adapter. The water tank can hold 70ml of humidifying water, of which it will release about 20ml per hour.

Scheduled to be released in late November, the humidifier will cost 7,980 yen plus tax, and will be available to purchase at various domestic toy and miscellaneous good stores and sites from within Japan. Further details are set to follow up on the official webpage.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.