Despite happening every single year and bringing with it a slew of sakura themed and flavoured products, Japan never gets sick of cherry blossom season.

And how could they? Every year the petals seem more beautiful than the last, and the accompanying limited time only goods seem to get more creative and more aesthetically pleasing.

Mister Donut, a popular doughnut chain in Japan are the ones behind the super cute Pikachu faces which were sold for a limited time only, and they also don’t shy away from seasonally themed new treats such as their Halloween line.

They’re getting in on the spring fun again this year with six delicious looking cherry blossom themed doughnuts.

The particular theme of these doughnuts is not just sakura in itself, but traditional Japanese sweet, sakura mochi, taking inspiration from the soft, squishy texture and subtle cherry blossom taste. Looks-wise, the doughnuts have also taken on the shape of a pretty sakura flower. They come in sakura flavour, kinako flavour and adzuki bean sandwich type.

In addition to these sakura mochi inspired creations, is a twist on Mister Donut’s classic doughnut, the Old Fashioned. Three ‘Sakura Fashioned’ type doughnuts are available, Sakura Fashioned, Sakura Choco Fashioned, and Sakura Fashioned Honey.

If you get a set of four they even come in this beautiful sakura themed box.

The special seasonal doughnuts go on sale at Mister Donut branches from 1st March and will continue until around the end of April.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.