With the pandemic of 2020 leading to the majority of people staying at home and indoors, there has been a rise in the number of food and drink based trends throughout social media. One of the top trending drinks of 2020 was the Dalgona Coffee – an ‘upside down coffee’, made by topping chilled milk with frothy coffee whipped foam.

Simply type in #dalgonacoffee into google and you’ll find an eternally growing list of instagram posts, tweets, tiktok videos and youtube tutorials on how you can whip up your own at home.

And whilst it may have quite a few cons – a ton of added sugar, the use of instant coffee (thereby lacking any control over coffee bean flavour), and the inability to physically enjoy a continuous flavour and texture throughout – there is one thing most people can agree on; Dalgona Coffee is one of the most instagrammable coffee style drinks out there.

Although it is relatively easy (arguably the drink is the easiest coffee drink to make, aside from a simple drip Americano) to whip up your own Dalgona Coffee at home, the whole process usually involves about 15 minutes with a hand mixer, which, understandably can lead to an arm ache so bad that you may hardly have the energy to lift your finished drink for that well deserved sip.

“Who can I pay to willingly make me a Dalgona Coffee?” you might ask.
Well, with this special Dalgona Coffee mixture from IK (アイケイ) you can easily recreate the drink’s iconic foam by simply adding milk and mixing with a spoon for just 30 seconds! For the perfect photogenic drink pour the foam over cold milk in a clear glass cup.

What’s more, ‘MOCO GONA’ Dalgona Coffee comes in three flavours. Chillout and relax with the fluffy bubbles of your own Dalgona Coffee creation at home this winter.


Flavour: Colombia Coffee Bean Latte
Contents: 20 bags of 12g
Price: 2,980 yen


Flavour: Uji Matcha Latte
Contents: 20 bags of 12g
Price: 2,980 yen

MOCO GONA Strawberry

Flavour: Strawberry Latte made with ‘Tochiotome’ brand strawberries
Contents: 20 bags of 12g
Price: 2,980 yen

MOCO GONA Dalgona Coffee mixtures is available to purchase from IK’s amazon page. For simple instructions on how to make the perfect Dalgona Coffee using their mixture check out the instagram video below.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.