Just a few years ago, the Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima, Japan became a bit of a viral internet sensation--although not particularly for any artwork on display. Instead the museum caught the attention of many due to hilarious but touching eternal standoff the museum's security guard found himself in--turning away neighborhood cats trying to enter the museum, especially when a cat art exhibit was on display.

Two of the cats, Ken-chan and Go-chan, eventually made it clear it wasn't necessarily the art they were interested in, but the affection of the particular guard on duty, even going as far as getting into jealous quarrels over the guard.

Unfortunately, their routinely scheduled playful showdowns were put on hold by the museum's temporary closure due to the novel coronavirus. The museum shared some good news, however, after their recent reopening after a two month hiatus. The guard has taken back his post and Ken-chan, who kept watch in his stead, very enthusiastically came to greet him.

Ken-chan, who belongs to a nearby restaurant, apparently had no problem recognizing his newly masked old frienemy. According to the Asahi, the cats only try to enter the museum when the particular guard is at his post. At other times, they will simply sit outside the entrance.

While they can't meet everyday, perhaps there is some comfort on both sides (and purring on one) now that the two know the guard is returning to his post, and that Ken-chan will keep watch when he is away.

By - Big Neko.