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Have a blast with this firework theme hotel stay

Hoshino Resort RISONARE Atami boasts amazing views of Atami and the local natural hot springs from up on the mountain where the hotel is situated. But if the spectacular view from the mountain resort isn’t quite enough, consider staying in the hotel during one of firework displays, which will be happening on a total of 13 days from June 14 to December 13, 2020.

As part of a special campaign the hotel is offering the chance to enjoy the Atami Sea Fireworks from the hotel by fully immersing oneself into a world of “hanabi”. The plan includes dinner at the hotel with a “Japanese Fireworks Dining” experience, the chance to relax in a firework inspired patterned yukata and the opportunity to enjoy sparklers on the guest room balcony.

After dining, guests will be able to make their way out onto a private terrace where seats will be set up for enjoying the view of the fireworks. A professional photographer will be available to take photos as guests take in the sights from the balcony. *Tip - wear the firework yukata when having photos taken in order to produce the perfect outcome.

A firework pattern yukata, obi and other special accessories will be provided in the guest room. Wearing the special yukata will be sure to set the mood and is the perfect piece of clothing to enjoy the night sky illumination in. Staff will be on hand ready to assist with dressing and setting hair if needed.

The special “Japanese Fireworks Dining” experience meal features a kaiseki menu made using seasonal seafood from the local area. The bubbles from the sparkling sake “HANABI”, resemble and will remind guests of the fireworks going off in the night sky.

Under the firework stay plan, guests will stay in the Terrace Living Suite – a 123 square metered room with a 35 square meter balcony overlooking Sagami Bay.
In addition to all of the above, guests can enjoy an intimate moment writing with sparklers designed by RISONARE atami on their private balcony.

Booking a stay

The special firework trip campaign can be enjoyed from June 14th to December 13th 2020, however, the firework displays in Atami will only be happening on the following dates:

June 14th
June 27th
July 26th
July 31st
August 5th
August 18th
August 21st
August 23rd
August 27th
September 22nd
October 10th
December 6th
December 13th

The cost of a stay during this period with the fireworks campaign will be 60,000 yen per 4 person room (excluding tax).
Bookings are being taken on the hotel website.

Coronavirus Safety Measures

A number of measures have been put in place at the hotel in order to lessen the risk of the coronavirus being spread around by staff and customers. The following countermeasures are undertaken at the venue:

Expectations of Guests

- Temperature measurement check taken at check-in
- Confirmation of any overseas travel
- Additional hand-sanitation stations installed at various points in the hotel (all customers must disinfect hands before entering the restaurant)

What to expect from staff

-Temperature measurement and health check of all staff when beginning the work day
- Staff will utilize additional alkaline cleansers when cleaning guest rooms and shared spaces
- Staff will disinfect and clean tableware and trays at 80 degrees celsius or more
- Staff will wear masks at all times

- The hotel will also control the number of people within possible congestion areas at the venue.

More information regarding how the company plans to tackle the threat of COVID-19 can be found in Japanese on their website.
Hoshino Resort Risonare Atami first opened in December 2011. The hotel boasts having ocean views in all 81 of it’s guest rooms, as it is situated high up in the mountainous area of Atami. The hotel is perfect for appreciating both nature and firework displays that happen across Atami during the summer.

The hotel is located at 2-13-1, Mizuguchi-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka, 413-0016 Updates from the hotel can be found on their official website or on their facebook page.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.