The character market in Japan is packed tighter than the Tokyo Metro at rush hour. The country relentlessly pumps out so many adorable or ultra-cool creatures, monsters, and heroes and heroines, that international entry into Japan is almost inconceivable.

Yet, Snoopy, an import from America, has been phenomenally successful at muscling his way in to charm the Japanese audience. Snoopy and pals from the PEANUTS comic strip have been licensed out to appear on all manners of merchandise in Japan, from kitchenware to jewelry to plush toys. So popular is Snoopy that he has even earned his own museum in Machida, Tokyo.

With 2020 marking PEANUT’s 70th birthday, the brand is pulling out all the stops to pulling in and stopping a special commemorative PEANUTS trailer store that is, in one of Tokyo’s trendiest neighborhoods.

PEANUT’s Trailer store opens for a limited time in Kagurazaka

Sony Creative Products Co. Ltd, the Japanese agent for PEANUTS licensing, has partnered with SPECIAL PRODUCTS DESIGN Co., Ltd on a PEANUT’s trailer shop which sells a range of limited edition PEANUTS goods.

The trailer is parked in Tokyo’s trendy Kagurazaka neighborhood, surrounded by fashionable restaurants and boutiques. The large steel American style caravan may look like a “man cave” according to the Peanuts Trailer Store website, but the contents inside are aimed at all ages and genders. Though one could speculate that the design of the trailer hints at the PEANUTS brand’s interest in capturing more male fans in Japan.

The trailer is branded with PEANUTS illustrations of Charlie Brown and his bloodhound buddy Snoopy. The van also has its own cute logo sign outside showing Peanuts and Snoopy riding in the anniversary trailer.

The store sells furniture including cabinets and lockers from British furniture maker BISLEY, and folding chairs made by “CLARIN” whose seats feature in Madison Square Garden; clothes from Brittany, France based company Le Minor; bags and wallets by Joe Porter; tempered glass tableware from French kitchenware maker Duralex; and much more.

Peanuts Pouch by JOE PORTER. | © SocialWire Co., Ltd.

The store operates an online reservation system so that customers can enjoy the full experience of shopping in the trailer without the crowds. Slots can be booked right here at the official website.

The PEANUTS van is literally bursting with character(s) and must have limited edition goods. Guys and gals, pay a visit and enjoy the flaming, charming nostalgia of Snoopy and pals.

Details of the PEANUTS Trailer Store

  • Location: 41 Yarai-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 165-0805
  • Phone: 03-6280-8576
  • Opening hours: 11:00 am-7:00 pm (closed on Wednesdays)
  • URL:
  • Instagram: @peanutstrailershop
  • Facebook: Peanuts Trailer Shop


PEANUTS is a comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz, initially appearing in newspapers in the 1950s. Following the escapades of Charlie Brown, his pet dog Snoopy, and the gang, PEANUTS has become a pop culture icon around the world. Snoopy in particular is adored in Japan, likely a result of his squishy round appearance which appeals to the Japanese sense of cuteness. The PEANUTS gang are now routinely licensed out, appearing on merchandise, in pop up stores, dedicated theme parks, and more.

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By - Toby M.