Camp in comfort and chill out with these brand new Snoopy themed camping items designed by LOGOS.
Featuring the much-loved cartoon character, the camping set is a great edition for those looking for both a comfortable and stylish pitch.

Snoopy Tipi Tent

Price: 27,000 yen (plus tax)

This one pole tent is the perfect solution for pitching up a shelter in ease. Whether you are planning on spending the night close to nature, or perhaps you’re just looking for someway to shelter from the elements during a day at the beach, the Snoopy Tipi Tent is easily set up in just 3 easy steps;

1 – Peg out the inner tent on a flat pitch free of debris.
2 – Hook the flysheet onto the inner tent as it lies flat on the floor and insert the singular tent pole into the center of the tent.
3 – Secure the tent by pegging the flysheet and guide ropes to the ground.

The flysheet is made of poly taffeta and has a water resistance rating of 1600mm, whilst the groundsheet is rated at 3000mm. The inner tent has also been coated with a water resistant treatment to help provide shelter in case you find yourself camping out in unfavourable conditions.
For hotter days, you can control the humidity within the tent by opening and closing the ventilation window as you see fit, or if you prefer, you can choose to pitch the tent up without the flysheet and camp with just the inner.

The tent’s storage bag makes it convenient to carry and is equipped with a zipper that opens wide, which makes it easy to put the tent in and take it out.

Coming in at 4kg, the Snoopy Tipi Tent from LOGOS is not the lightest shelter out there and isn’t recommended for backpacking or trekking, but it is perfect for quiet getaways with the family.

Tent Specs:

Weight – 4.0kg
Size – Width 300cm x Depth 250cm x Height 180cm
Storage size – Width 52cm x Depth 18cm x Height 18cm

Snoopy Wing Tarp

Price: 17,600 yen (plus tax)

If you consider camping in a tent much too glamorous, then you have most probably considered buying a tarp so that you can experience nature’s best without succumbing to its worst.
For those of you out there looking for that closer-to-nature shelter, look no further than the Snoopy Wing Tarp.

Requiring less pegs than a standard tarp, the Snoopy Wing Tarp is a fuss-free option and can be set up quickly and easily. With excellent wind resistance and water resistance of 2000mm, you can even enjoy this tarp in harsher conditions (only if you’re brave enough). Coming with a convenient-to-carry storage bag, the Snoopy Wing Tarp is a simple shelter option for any adventure or occasion.
If you also have the Snoopy Tipi Tent, you can even pitch the Snoopy Wing Tarp at the tent entrance to create a sheltered ‘living room’ area.

Tarp Specs:

Weight – 3.6kg
Size – Width 430cm x Depth 440cm x Height 230cm
Storage size – Width 55cm x Depth 13cm x Height 13cm

Snoopy Chair for 2

Price: 12,700 yen (plus tax)

Camping isn’t just about setting up a shelter and hunkering down for the night; it’s also about those precious moments spent with your family and friends.
Get comfy together with the Snoopy Chair for 2 and enjoy conversations side by side as you sit around a campfire or bbq.

Snoopy Chair for 2 is a compact two-seater chair that is perfect for parents and children to sit side by side, or for sharing close moments with a loved one. Fitted with wooden armrests, you can chill out and relax in comfort whilst surrounded by nature. Carry the Snoopy Chair for 2 to your destination with the straps attached to the top of the seat.

Chair Specs:

Weight – 3.9kg
Load bearing – 240kg
Size – Width 102.5cm x Depth 55cm x Height 67cm (seat height 32.5cm)

Snoopy Agura Chair

Price: 6,800 yen (plus tax)

Fully relax and stretch out at camp in the Snoopy Agura Chair.
This low-position chair allows you to sit comfortably with your legs outstretched at a height of about 20cm. Store small items such as towels and snacks in the attached pocket on the back of the chair.
Coming with a storage bag, the Snoopy Agura Chair can be carried easily to any event or occasion.

Chair Specs:

Weight – 3.1kg
Load bearing – 120kg
Size – Width 57 x depth 65 x height 64.5 cm (seat height 20 cm)

Snoopy Carry Cart

Price: 18,000 yen (plus tax)

So you’ve got your tent sorted, you’ve prepared your camping chairs and you’ve even got a bbq ready to enjoy in the evening...but how are you going to carry all of that stuff? In the Snoopy Carry Cart of course!

This cart is perfect for carrying all of your camping luggage from your car to your pitch. The convenient size also means the Snoopy Carry Cart can be used for picnics and other occasions when you may need a helpful tow.

Featuring non-slip tires and an easy one movement set-up, the Snoopy Carry Cart can be used by anybody. When not being used, the Snoopy Carry Cart can be packed away into a small convenient size. Keep the cart clean by removing the luggage compartment from the main unit and wash it regularly after use.

Cart Specs:

Weight – 8.8kg
Size – Width 100cm x Depth 51cm x Height 56cm
Storage size – Width 84cm x Depth 51cm x Height 24cm
Compartment size – Width 82cm x Depth 42cm x Height 30cm
Load capacity – 100kg

By - Connie Sceaphierde.