Including Cthulian monstrosities and super monster wolf robots, one unfortunate Twitter user who stumbled upon them on a late night drive had to implore countryside farmers to tone it down.

Japanese Twitter user jaguchi's (@jaguchi) father's handmade "modern scarecrow", as jaguchi calls it, may not be easing things up for onlookers.

Although it probably works on crows!

With an expressionless white mask, and black cape, the scarecrow (kakashi in Japanese) appears to float around as an apparition thanks to it's attachment to a handle and car spring.

jaguchi points points out that at night, the floating scarecrow lights up, which must be quite the sight for people driving by.

As startling as coming across the ghoulish scarecrow might be, it does appear to be hard at work in the fields at a glance.

By - Big Neko.