As most cat lovers know, living with a feline friend can be a source of huge joy in the home, but also some unique predicaments--even some that require some maintenance around the house. This is even more true for those in Japan who live with shoji, or traditional sliding paper doors. Japanese cat owner and Twitter user from the lovely town of Koto-ura, Tottori Prefecture Takkun (@takuma_matsuo_) posted a video to Twitter that demonstrates a very particular problem for those who have cats and shoji in their home.

"People who don't have cats just can't really comprehend how cats can wreck shoji doors. If you watch this video, I think you'll get a clear understanding of it."

If you're ever in a Japanese home and see quite a few holes in their shoji doors, you may want to credit those to a cat's curiosity as opposed to the homeowner being clumsy. If you'd like to follow the adventures of Takkun's cute and shoji-loving cat, be sure to follow on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.