When coming to Japan, you probably want to buy and try out as many sweets and snacks as you can, so I believe that 100-yen products are the best choice to go for.

Shops like Daiso or Lawson 100-yen have a wide variety of affordable products from Japanese traditional sweets and healthy snacks options to chocolate, biscuits, and chips with lots of flavors available.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Peeled chestnuts from Daiso

The chestnuts from Daiso are one of my favorite things to buy. If you go to the supermarket, you’ll find out that a bag of peeled chestnuts is more expensive, but the taste and amount are the same as the ones from Daiso. I believe that the peeled roasted chestnuts” Muki Ama Kuri”/Selected sweet chestnuts from Daiso taste even better than the ones in supermarkets.

There are no sweeteners or coloring agents used, they’re also guilt-free as chestnuts are a perfect treat when on a diet and you can even warm them up in the microwave!

Suppai Kari Kari Ume (Sour Crispy Pickled Plums) from Daiso

This one snack might not be for everyone, but those of you who love pickled plums or sour food will undoubtedly love it!

I always take it with me when traveling somewhere and I even got it for my friends when I went back to my country for holidays.

Daiso’s Milk Baum

If you are craving for something sweet, I recommend the milk flavor Baumkuchen. It is a perfect size for one person, it’s super soft and delicious and also goes perfect with coffee or tea.

Puchi Mixed Donuts from Daiso

A whole bag of mini donuts for just 100-yen is amazing! The donuts are quite sweet, but they come in mini sizes and children love them! You can also buy these donuts for your pajama or tea parties as they are the perfect treat for everyone!

Milk and White chocolate (Value Line) from 100-yen Lawson

The 100-yen Lawson has many good products and even sells fresh vegetables, fruits, rice balls, and lunch boxes! One of my favorite sweets to purchase is the VL’s Milk and white chocolates(71g) that use the cacao from Ghana. The chocolates are wrapped individually and are very tasty and affordable.

Daiso’s three pieces of Dorayaki

In one bag, you can find three pieces of dorayaki for just one hundred yen. The size is smaller than a normal dorayaki, but for me, this works better as dorayaki can be quite sweet, so I rather buy smaller ones to have it whenever I want to eat something sweet but in moderate size.

Lawson 100-yen Hitokuchi Agekomaru

The Hitokuchi Agekomaru are rice crackers and are quite popular among Japanese people. Not only they are affordable, but a pack bought from Lawson 100-yen store is quite big and has around 130 g.

Here are my top 100-yen sweets and snacks recommendations, but I would love to hear which are your favorite 1-dollar Japanese snacks, too.

By - cinnamonellie.