Japanese cream puff specialty store routinely pleases sweets fans with limited edition flavors such as roasted sweet potato and even some inspired by deep fried brown sugar snacks. Onn July 7th, they will be opening their first spin-off cream puff brand shop, “Higenosuke” in Nishi Shinjuku, introducing what they call “new standards for the royal road of sweets”.

For years, “Beard Papa” has been pursuing perfection of bean pastry and baking techniques. And now, they are putting those skills into creating modern, Japanese style western sweets that include flavors such as matcha, roasted soybean, and even sake!

To enrich your home life-style, these cream puffs are just a perfect addition as a dessert after the meal, or for your snack-time.

Each puff is wrapped individually, and is much smaller in size compared to Beard Papa's standard puffs. They are not too sweet, either, so they are friendly for all ages. Higenosuke's cream puffs are sure to be new sweets loved by all your family members of different generations!

Store information:

“Higenosuke” Nishi Shinjyuku Pe-pe

Grand opening day: July 7th, 2021

Store location: 2nd floor of Nishi Shinjyuku Pe-pe, 1-30-1 Kabuki cho Shinjyuku district, Tokyo 160-0021

Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

Brand website

By - Mugi.