Every year on February 14th, many parts of the world celebrate love with fancy store-bought or perhaps homemade chocolate for their loved ones.

Airu (@airuria) had a very creative way of showing her love with a minimal budget back when she was studying for school. This year, she decided to recreate and post the finished product on Twitter.

She became creative with the ingredients that were easily accessible and affordable at the time. Take a look at her amazing work.

Ew...I mean, WOW. This will definitely be a hit if you have an entomologist partner. But honestly, how realistic is this, though? I think we can all appreciate the effort and creativity that was put into the details of this gift.

Even nowing these are all made of edible candies and cookies, you still can’t shake the feelings that those little larvae are about to crawl out of the “dirt”.

The larvae are made of Tohato’s Japanese style Caramel corn snack, coated with layers of milk and white chocolate.

And the dirt was recreated with crushed Oreo cookies laid out in the container, without the cream.

Here is the recipe:


Tohato’s Caramel Corn

Oreo cookies

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Red food coloring (optional)

*Make sure to let each layer completely dry, when coating with chocolate, before you add next layer.

*Scrape the cream off of Oreo cookies before you crush them to make the dirt.

According to Airu, it is best to keep each chocolate layer thin for an easy drying process.

There were many comments on the internet for this creative work.

This made me scream a little when I saw it. Way too realistic!

The quality is so high!

I wonder what the response was like, when she gave this to her partner.

If you looked at it closely, you can recognize Oreo cookie pieces in the “dirt”…. But every time I look at it again, only see real dirt…

By the way, when Airu shared this with her family, apparently it was a huge hit, and her family loved it!

If you were the one to receive this very unique, creative, one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day dessert… what would be your reaction?

By - Mugi.