As the world steps up it’s game to fight off infections and viruses, due to the rapid and continuous spread of COVID-19 during the majority of 2020, a number of companies have invented ingenious yet simple products that help people adjust to a life with less contact.

From the beginning of July, NEKO no TE, one such device will go on sale.
The new product has been designed by major automobile supplier, Marelli Co. and is made with the aim to prevent new coronavirus infections through non-contact interactions.

NEKO no TE features a design that is both cute and practical. Resembling a cat’s paw, the gadget can be used in a variety of situations outside the safety of home, helping out with holding straps, touching elevator buttons, opening door knobs and in other circumstances.

Product designers and engineers worked together, using computer aided engineering, to produce a product with sufficient strength, ease of use and a shape that is easy to clean.

NEKO no TE will be sold in Japan through Marelli from the beginning of July 2020, for the price of 800 yen (excluding tax) per piece. The product is made from ABS resin, has dimensions of height 61mm x width 104mm x depth 40 mm and comes in 4 different colours; blue, light blue, white and yellow.

It seems that cats are a popular choice for anti-coronavirus tool designs. A similar gadget, called the Logoryl DOOR is a cute keychain which takes on the shape of a cat and allows the user to open doors and to press elevator buttons without actually coming in direct contact with the surface of the handle or buttons.
The Logoryl DOOR keychain can be purchased for 800 yen here.

Yet another example of how companies are adjusting their line ups to fit consumer demand, we’re excited to see what others will come up with to do their part to combat the coronavirus.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.