We're not sure how old this girl is, but we do know that she might not be old enough to have learned a golden lesson: If you don't want your parents to see you doing something, lock the door!"

While showing off an idol-esque dance routine to some J-Pop on popular Japanese streaming site Nico Video, this girl made the mistake of not accounting for the sudden entry of her mom. Maybe she came to tell her dinner was ready, maybe she came to ask about laundry--who knows, all we know is that her face says it all!

The text you see scrolling across the video feed are live comments from those streaming the video at the time of recording. These are mostly a stream of "Mom! LOL! LMAO! Epic!!"

You might be curious about the constant "wwwwwwwww"--in Japanese, "warau"(笑う) means to laugh or smile, it is often shortened on the net to "w", and so it is the Japanese equivalent of "lol" or "hahaha."

Well, we're pretty sure this girl will be locking her door from here on out--either way, her viewers got quite the show!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.