For cat lovers, the idea of recreating what already is the perfect cat--the one or ones they live with--doesn't quite seem possible, but that doesn't mean you can't try! New Japanese website Uchinoko Maker allows users to spend hours upon hours building a cat from scratch or adorably recreating their very own bit by bit. Picking from various patterns, tails, body shapes, eyes, and a whole lot else, you can create an incredibly cute cat illustration to download and even turn into apparel and accessories!

The website and its cat construction service are completely free. Although in Japanese, the entire process is based on selecting pictograms of body parts and designs to assemble, so no Japanese knowledge is required (simply click the black button that says つくってみよう to start). From there you can start individually putting together your cat, like a create-a-character in a video game, into an adorable illustration. A Tweet from the company gives a brief overlook of the process:

When finished, you simply hit the finish button (できた!) in the top right corner. From there you can name your cat, then download or share on social media. The service is also linked to Japanese original custom goods maker SUZURI, so you can automatically turn your cat illustration into T-shirts, phone cases, and bags as well if you live in Japan (if you're able to buy, one purchase goes towards a day's care for a shelter cat).

In Japanese "uchi no ko" literally means "my child", but is often used when referencing one's pets. While the current website stands at currently over 200 million possible illustrations, more patterns will be added as needed. With such small details as being able to add "socks" to your cat, you're sure to be able to find something similar to your own beloved kitty, but even if you can't, you can post a picture of your cat on Instagram with the hashtag #うちのこメーカー and the makers say they'll draw one for free.

Have fun customizing the cat of your dreams, or simply recreating the one you've met already!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.