Living in Japan can be a dangerous business for anyone with a sweet tooth. The country is home to green tea ice cream, manju is world-renowned, and a host of delicious Japanese dessert recipes are easy to find online. Take the New Spring dessert “Strawberry Mont Blanc” for example. The luxurious treat incorporates fresh strawberries, specially-made cream, and more.

Naturally, if that doesn't get your taste buds sweating, we've covered plenty of other tasty tricks that will certainly do the trick. Top of my list is the anko-filled cheesecake that was recently launched. The brand Ankoto's product provides a novel, French-inspired, take on anko sweet bean paste which is perennially popular in Japan. But, surprise, surprise, the price tag will set you back a bit—3,500 JPY to be exact. There are also countless mochi infused treats available such as the Haagen-Dazs’ Hana Mochi range and sweet dessert mochi cheese.

Needless to say, I could list several more options, but I wouldn't want to tease readers—and myself—like that.

A tasty treat or dirty dessert?

And speaking of teasing, check out these mouth-watering posts by Twitter user Licca (@AriaClay).

Reproduced with permission from Licca (@AriaClay)

At first glance, the pristinely sculpted cakes seem almost irresistible. Nevertheless, I’d suggest a closer look:

Reproduced with permission from Licca (@AriaClay)

Do you see it? How about now?

Reproduced with permission from Licca (@AriaClay)

Licca's cakes are made from clay and are only meant as a decoration (although that doesn't stop me from drooling over them). The artist is so talented that the reality of her creations is nearly impossible to determine without being told. Just like me, followers of the account were none the wiser. They posted:

  • “How much to eat all of them?”
  • “I get hungry by just looking at them.”
  • “Everything looks amazing. I want to know where I can find this cake shop.”

Licca had to share the unfortunate truth, even if coyly…

"To tell you the truth, even adults play with clay..."

More clay cakes and desserts

On her Twitter account "Aria—the inedible pastry shop," Licca showcases her mouthwatering work which could easily be confused for the real thing. Check out some of the more impressive posts:

And these are pretty adorable:

Fans were impressed:

  • “C—C—C--CUTE! I even want to eat the Sylvanian Families figurines.”
  • “Oh….I really want this...”
  • “If these were on sale they’d sell out immediately. When can I get some springtime sweets...”

If you like these tantalizing artistic creations, you can find many more like them on Licca's Twitter page. Check it out.

By - Luke Mahoney.