Tapista serves delicious high-quality boba tea drinks inside shops with a "cute and girly" interior based on a "French diner" theme. Featuring special homemade tapioca pearls cooked in brown sugar syrup with the longest cooking time in Japan and tea specially blended by a tea expert for their drinks, Tapista has already proven to be very successful, with two shops in Tokyo, two in Chiba Prefecture, shops in Osaka, Toyama, Shizuoka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, in addition to a hybrid cat cafe/boba tea shop in Kyoto.

One of their popular drinks is their "Parfait Latte" series. Although it started in winter and spring with a creamy milk base, hence the "latte" part, they've kept the name but switched to a refreshing slightly carbonated non-dairy frozen smoothie base for summer. With the rainy season nearly over and the hottest time of the year about to begin, Tapista has prepared two enticingly summery Parfait Latte drinks in a "Tropical Beach" theme.

Jewel Smoothie and Neo Cream Soda

Making generous use of Alfonso mangoes, prized worldwide as the "king of mangoes" for their sweetness, incredible aroma and rich flavor, along with perfectly-ripe bananas, and pink dragonfruits, this lineup creates a summer-like atmosphere.

With whole fruit chunks, ice cream, and gelee toppings, and of course, Tapista's famed tapioca pearls as an option, these colorful and appealing dessert drinks convey the excitement of being on a tropical beach, even if you can't actually visit one this summer. They're also available for takeout.

Jewel Smoothie: Alphonso Mango and Pink Dragonfruit

This outstanding tropical beauty of a drink blends a fresh juice made with crushed vivacious pink-colored dragonfruits and an unctuous smoothie of rich Alphonso mangoes. The sparkling gelee topping is packed with natural hyaluronic acid and collagen for beautiful healthy skin. It's a daring drink just as bright as the tropical sunshine.

Price: 560 JPY (boba pearls + 80 JPY)

Neo Cream Soda: Alphonso Mango and Perfectly-Ripe Banana

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This summery Neo Cream Soda features a gently-carbonated premium sour base which makes ample use of Alphonso mangoes, both with its juice and blended chunks of fruit. The banana milk ice cream begins to blend into the mix as you take your first sip. It's a new, tropical twist on cream soda which you have to try this summer!

Price: 560 JPY (boba pearls + 80 JPY)


Both drinks are available from July 15th, 2020, at Tapista locations in Shimotakaido (Tokyo), Tachikawa (Tokyo), Shizuoka City, Kuzuha Mall (Osaka), Aeon Mall Kumamoto, Aeon Mall Uki (Kumamoto), Aeon Mall Takaoka (Toyama), and Konoha Mall (Fukuoka); Tapista petit locations in Kashiwanoaha Campus (Chiba), Nagareyama Ootaka no Mori (Chiba), and Sapporo Tanukikoji (Hokkaido); as well as Nekopita Kyoto Shinkyogoku.

However, Jewel Smoothie: Alphonso Mango and Pink Dragonfruit is not available at the Tapista petit Nagareyama Ootaka no Mori (Chiba) or the Nekopita Kyoto Shinkyogoku locations.

For more information, visit Tapista's website here.

By - Ben K.