Mister Donut, the Japanese doughnut chain, have just expanded their lineup of bubble teas to include high quality beverages to rival boba specialist shops. For those who like to enjoy a dessert with their bubbly beverage, now you can pick up high quality boba at the same time as grabbing some tasty doughnuts.

Not just tapioca pearl bubble teas, there’s toppings like fruit jelly to be had, floating in a variety of different flavoured beverages. While these teas are becoming a fixture of the menu, another lineup of limited time only drinks have also been announced, that are the perfect summer treat.

The four beverages are inspired by Taiwanese fruit tea, and their making was even supervised by popular Taiwan fruit tea stand ‘HOPECHA’. They are experts in striking the right balance between jasmine tea and fruit topping, and are known for ensuring the tea is well shaken to combine the sweet and refreshing flavours.

The options are passionfruit and jasmine, which even contains passionfruit pulp for an extra fruity treat.

Pineapple, mango and jasmine with added lemon juice.

Orange, pink grapefruit and jasmine, which has Taiwanese honey to sweeten the citrus flavours.

Or lastly, mixed berry and jasmine made with blueberry, strawberry and raspberry.

The tea costs 583 yen to takeout, or 594 yen to enjoy in store. Unlike the rest of the bubble tea lineup from Mister Donut, this summer treat will only be available from 1st May until the beginning of September.

By - Jess.