When the Minions first hit the movie scene, as the erractic yet lovable followers of supervillain Gru in Despicable Me, they successfully tapped into Japan’s desire for cute and instantly recognisable characters. The country was thoroughly gripped with Minion mania, and years later, the hangover remains.

With the Minions celebrating their ten year anniversary, and with a sequel in the works, the yellow beings are taking over McDonald's Japan this summer with two seasonal treats perfect for cooling down in the heat.

First, there’s a special Minions version of the McShake which comes in a Minions covered cup. You might have already guessed the flavour that lends itself to the appropriately yellow McShake. Of course it’s the minion’s favourite fruit, banana.

The second sweet offering is the choco banana waffle cone. The rich soft serve ice cream is generously slathered in chocolate sauce and a fruity sauce made with banana pulp. But if, unlike the Minions, you don’t have a particular predilection for bananas, you’ll be happy to know that any flavour of ice cream cone comes in the super cute character packaging. There’s no escape!

The yellow swarm is also taking over the Happy Meal, with 30 different Minion figures to collect.

Both these Minion-themed treats can currently be found in branches of McDonald's in Japan, but this takeover will be a fleeting one, only lasting until mid-August.

By - Jess.