The hot summer months are upon us, and that means its the perfect season for ice cream. If you happen to live in the Kyoto area or plan on visiting this summer, there's a great reason to stop by Kyoto's famous matcha shop Gion Tsujiri.

Gion Tsujiri enjoys collaborating with other brands. For example, as we've reported in grape Japan, they teamed up with Mister Donuts and French pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka on Matcha-laced donuts.

Now, they've teamed up with fellow Kyoto brand 男前豆腐 Otokomae Tofu (which literally means "macho" or "handsome" tofu) on a lineup of soft-serve ice creams featuring rich and aromatic matcha and hōjicha (roasted tea) flavors.

Otokomae Tofu is known for being somewhat of a revolutionary presence in the traditional tofu industry. While respecting the long tradition of tofu-making, they continually try new concepts and unconventional approaches. This new soft-serve ice cream combines the rich flavor of Otokomae Tofu soymilk and rigorously selected authentic matcha from Gion Tsujiri for a winning collaboration.

Soymilk Soft-Serve Ice Cream: Matcha

The flavor of rich soymilk combined with a thick matcha sauce. It's a winning taste combo.

Soymilk Soft-Serve Ice Cream: Hōjicha

For those who are more partial to the roasted flavor hōjicha, this ice cream is for you. You can taste the deep aroma of hōjicha in every bite.

Gion Tsujiri

Since 1860, Gion Tsujiri has been operating in Kyoto's famous tea-growing Uji area. They are known for taking tea, which was originally a health drink believed to promote long life, and elevated it into a product which people enjoy giving and receiving as gifts. Gion Tsujiri continues to maintain tradition, while promoting happiness and wellbeing, along with the rich flavor of tea.

Otokomae Tofu

Since 2005, Otokomae Tofu, headquartered in Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, have been tofu pioneers. They independently developed an original way of extracting the most flavor possible from soybeans, which they put to use in their hit "Ken-chan" series which has sold over 300 million units. With their innovative and unique package design, Otokomae Tofu wants to carry tofu into the future with new concepts and ideas.


By - Ben K.