One of the cool things about living in Japan, is the wealth of awesome matcha-based products, making it a paradise for green tea lovers. Sadly at the moment, going out to cafes to get your fix of cute Japanese desserts is not in your best interests. But luckily, there’s plenty of take out options to enjoy matcha sweets in the comfort and safety of your own home. Recently we’ve seen matcha desserts from convenience stores and matcha frappes from McDonald’s. This week we’ll be treated to a lineup of fancy matcha confections thanks to Japan’s ‘Mister Donut’ chain of doughnut stores.

These luxurious looking doughnuts are the result of a three-way collab between Mister Donut, Uji matcha specialists Gion Tsujiri and sweets brand Toshi Yoroizuka. The lineup consist of six variations of matcha doughnut, meticulously crafted with a range of delicious combinations of flavours, such as chocolate and tiramisu.

There’s three takes on Mister Donut’s classic 'Pon de Ring' doughnut shape to be had. Firstly one called ‘Pon de Uji Matcha Chocolat Almond’, has matcha powder kneaded into the dough and is coated in chocolate. Extra matcha powder is used as a topping with an accent of crunchy almonds.

'Pon de Double Uji Matcha Milk Crunch' comes with an extra dose of green tea goodness. In addition to the matcha laced doughnut, there’s an Uji matcha chocolate coating, the bitter tea offset with a sweet ‘milk crunch’ topping.

'Pon de Uji Matcha and Chocolat Cream' has an extra luxurious layer of matcha whip and chocolate cream sandwiched inside the matcha doughnut.

These first three hit stores from 10th April until around the beginning of June.

Mister Donut are then diversifying the doughnut shapes of the line up with the 'Tiramisu Chocolat Whip', a cocoa doughnut hiding a piece of tiramisu inside surrounded by chocolat whip, sprinkled with milk crunch.

If you’re into the idea of a cocoa doughnut hiding a sweet secret but believe the above offering didn’t provide enough matcha, then the 'Tiramisu Uji Matcha Whip' was surely created with you in mind. The chocolate-flavoured whip has been replaced with a matcha whip sprinkled with almonds for a luxurious green tea treat.

Shielding us from the monotony of an all-doughnut doughnut lineup is the 'Uji Matcha Chocolat Pie', containing Uji matcha chocolate and chocolate cream.

Although this second group will also debut on the same date as the Pon de Ring range, they will be bumped off the menu a month earlier, around the beginning of May. So if you’re determined to try all six it’s worth getting down to a Mister Donut branch sharpish.

By - Jess.