From doughnuts to bubble tea, green tea sweet treats are all the rage at the moment. But if you want to elevate your green tea tasting prowess, what you need is a way to directly compare some desserts containing various types of richly flavoured Japanese tea.

This chance has come along thanks to D-matcha, a green tea cultivators based in Kyoto’s tea-growing Mecca of Uji. They’ve thought up a tasting assortment of green tea tiramisu, allowing discerning tea connoisseurs to further sharpen their palettes, or to offer green tea dessert newbies a chance to try out all the most popular varieties.

There’s four tiramisu in the set, including two sencha, one hojicha, and of course, one matcha. Each tiramisu is double layered, with a mascarpone cream coming before the tea cream, then sprinkled with even more tea goodness to make the flavours especially apparent to the taster.

Sencha is green tea that comes in leaf form, as apposed to matcha which is powdered. The first sencha tiramisu which comes in D-matcha’s set is created using the first tea of the season, guaranteeing a fresh taste with a twinge of astringency.

The second sencha creation is used with tea which has been covered for 14 days to protect it from light before harvesting. This makes the tea less astringent and promotes amino acids for a richer taste.

After these two sencha delights you can move on to the hojicha tiramisu. Hojicha is roasted green tea leaves, resulting in a slightly toasty taste and a reddish brown hue.

Of course no green tea dessert assortment would be complete without a matcha option. As previously said, matcha is powdered green tea leaves, known for its pleasantly bitter and rich taste. The tiramisu in this set is mixed berry matcha, adding some sweet and tart berries to offset the bitterness.

If you want to create a little green tea dessert tasting party at home, you can order this set online, directly from D-matcha's online store.

By - Jess.