Source: @nezy55

Cat finds oddly perfect fit in strangest place

A photo posted by Gonbe (@nezy55) on Twitter is going viral.

One day, Gonbe walked into her kitchen looking for ice cream. She didn’t bother to turn on the light. Suddenly, it startled her when she realized what was inside the kitchen cabinet. Take a look at what it was!

Turned out, it was HER CAT, lying down, just fitted perfectly in one of the empty shelves of the kitchen cabinet.

The cat’s face was priceless as if to say, “Busted…” It totally brings a smile to your face!

The post received 60,000 likes, and many comments like; “so cute!” “I did not expect a cat to be there”…

This is too adorable. Only cats can pull off a stunt like this, fitting into such a little odd space!

If it was me, I’d have screamed a little for sure!

Perfectly fitted! Must be comfortable in there.

According to Gonbe, apparently the cat kept enjoying himself relaxing inside the cabinet changing positions, even after he was busted.

We can only assume that from now on, the empty shelf will be his go-to favorite spot!

Seeing this is his new favorite spot, I’m sure we will see him chilling in the small shelf often from now on!

By - Mugi.