Strollers are just for babys right?

Wrong. This new Japanese smartphone game can prove it.

Onegai! Babycar! is a new smartphone game available on the iOS and Google Play store which allows the player to take control of a stroller and save a number of falling items before they reach the bottom of the screen.

In reality, you may possibly be able to catch a few things with a baby stroller if you happened to be around when an object is falling (although you shouldn’t do so if the stroller is occupied), but Onegai Babycar, takes the act of catching things with a stroller to the extreme.

Not only will you be catching mundane everyday objects such as basketballs, hats, or blocks of cheese (weird right?), but you can also catch bizarre targets such as koi carp, kendo practitioners and airships with this new Japanese game.

The casual game sees the player moving the stroller across the screen to catch a variety of different objects. Each stage is cleared when the target is sitting in the stroller.
At first glance, it seems like a relatively easy game, but with each level up comes more difficulty, such as targets of a greater size or with more speed. A strange and simple game, Onegai! Babycar! is incredibly addictive and with more than 100 stages to take down, you can definitely level up your catching skills whilst playing.

Onegai! Babycar! is available for free on both the iOS store and the Google Play store. Follow the developers twitter account to see what strange games they come up with next.

Who knows what the game might come in handy for? Perhaps it can train you up for some real life situations, you know, for when you want to go out and catch a flying pig with a stroller?

By - Connie Sceaphierde.