It's a relatable problem: a young, bright-eyed, and energetic child becomes a disastrous dinner-time guest. Despite mothers and fathers slaving in the kitchen, there is nearly no way fussier family members are taking a bite, let alone finishing a whole meal. Grandma's secret recipe—not having it. Hand-picked goodies from the garden—you gotta be kidding. Some honey-glazed TLC—no way, bub.

Young children are fussy eaters; there are just no two ways about it. Yet, the problem causes parents a lot of anxiety. A child's fussy preferences can become a lifetime sentence if unchanged by about four years of age. Making matters worse, a mother or father's efforts to influence a child's preferences can sometimes backfire, exacerbating the issue.

A Few Words From the Doctor

Illustrator and Instagram user TASO (mituougi2000) is well-acquainted with fussy eaters. She is the mother of a young child and a manga producer. Her comics center on the everyday struggles and absurdities that come with being a parent.

Recently, TASO posted a piece about a concerned mother and her picky son as he receives his regular checkup. Needless to say, mom has some questions about her son’s imbalanced diet.

Reproduced with permission from © TASO (mituougi2000)

Reproduced with permission from © TASO (mituougi2000)

Reproduced with permission from © TASO (mituougi2000)

Reproduced with permission from © TASO (mituougi2000)

Reproduced with permission from © TASO (mituougi2000)

As you can see, Mom is greatly relieved by the doctor’s words. It seems pleasing particular palates is all part and parcel of child-rearing. There's no reason for concern.

A Sigh of Relief

Like TASO, many parents fret over whether or not their child is getting enough nutrition. As such many expressed relief in their comments reacting to the manga.

  • “Oh, what a relief. My son hardly eats vegetables. I’ll stop worrying so much about it.”
  • “Having your family doctor say that to you is really encouraging.”
  • “My child won’t even take a bite of a disliked food. I make it and throw it away, and how many times have I cried...I felt so relieved reading this. Thank you so much.”
  • “My son will only eat things he likes, and he’s grown-up so quickly. He’s already in his third year of middle school.”

Although managing a family's diet is important, excessive anxiety is unhelpful. Perhaps it's best to let up a bit.

If you were also relieved to hear the news, TASO publishes other childcare manga on her Instagram and website. Be sure to check them out.

By - Luke Mahoney.