Nintendo's hit Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still going strong with more and more people around the world discovering how entertaining it can be to explore villages, create communities or just hang out with friends.

When it comes to your choice of appearance in the game, the choices are limitless thanks to the ability to design your own clothes and more. Especially during the lockdown, when people aren't as free as they'd like to enjoy the more social aspects of fashion, changing your look in Animal Crossing can provide a temporary alternative.

For example, we've already seen a famous kimono maker provide gorgeous designs. When it comes to fashion brands, big names such as Valentino, Marc Jacobs and GCDS have offered collections but what about Japanese brands?

One brand jumping into the fray is Sig FREAK'S STORE, a new brand launched in March from Select Shop FREAK'S STORE, operated by Daytona International, a Japanese company inspired by American casual lifestyles with business interests in hotels, housing, fashion, event production, and other fields.

Sig FREAK'S STORE collection

In this lineup, you'll find set-up items representative of Sig FREAK'S STORE such as the Tech Chino series, and more. The real equivalents of these items will begin rolling out in the Sig FREAK'S STORE at Lumine Shinjuku 2, FREAK'S STORE ONLINE SHOP and ZOZOTOWN.

Here's the lineup with the codes you need to know:


Sig Tech Chino Coat: MO-BMRK-XHR4-YS8F

Sig Tech Chino Jacket: MO-8SS0-N6P5-787P

Sig Padded Shirt: MO-NWQT-71DH-1DDH

Sig Military Blouson Jacket: MO-9YLW-58V2-5GJB

Sig Logo Tee Style: MO-SBPT-9578-MS2G


Sig Long One-Piece Style: MO-PWDB-25LN-RYJ4

Sig Print One-Piece: MO-DPLC-KHPB-Q21S

Sig Jumper Skirt Style: MO-9G00-NPF5-NTJ3

Sig Set-Up Style: MO-PN8F-8NLM-CHJT

Sig Logo Tee Style: MO-SBPT-9578-MS2G

For more information about Sig FREAK'S STORE, visit their website here.

By - Ben K.