Japanese traditional sweets, called ‘wagashi’, are known for their pristine presentation, and you may be surprised at the quality of sweet that can be found in the humble Japanese convenience store.

For example, ’Tabemasu’ is a series of traditional Japanese sweets exclusive to convenience stores, which portrays detailed depictions of popular characters. They have previously teamed up with Sanrio to create sweet versions of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma to name a few, as well as some wagashi Toy Story aliens in a collaboration with Disney. But this latest foray is an appeal to fans of the instantly recognisable yellow lackeys from Despicable Me. The Minions.

Tabemasu's wagashi are made of 'nerikiri', a type of traditional sweet which is formed using a white bean paste and mochi dough. It can be easily coloured, moulded and carved into various shapes making it the perfect choice to create aesthetically pleasing confections such as these Minion creations.

The super cute sweets come in three different variations. Pure-hearted Bob has a banana filling, in a reference to the Minions beloved fruit. Stuart, who loves playing tricks, is strawberry flavoured, and the de facto leader of the gang, Kevin has a chocolate filling.

The collection can be found in Lawson convenience stores all over Japan from 4th August 2020, just in time for Japan’s ‘Banana Day’. 7th August is called Banana Day since 8/7 can be read as ‘ba nana’ in Japanese. If you think a Minion wagashi is the perfect way to celebrate such an occasion, each one will set you back just 264 yen.

By - Jess.