Japan has a knack for creating quirky novelty items that combine two things you never even imagined you could put together, like a full-body blanket designed with a UFO for example, or maybe fruits and toilet paper.

The question of whether or not two different items should be combined is a separate issue, and is something that might be raised with Japan’s novelty contribution to the world of baby bottle sleeves. The “Beer can-style baby bottle sleeve” will look familiar to anyone who’s ever had a can of Japanese beer.

The sleeves were designed by Japanese creative studio, ekoD Works, which claims “humorous art and design” as part of their company’s concept. The design is a nod to the usual look of beer cans in Japan, from the words used for the name of the “beer”, to smaller details such as replacing the お酒 (alcohol) mark at the bottom with お乳 (milk).

Sold in sets of three designs, the baby bottle sleeves are available through popular Japanese novelty store Village Vanguard’s website with one set priced at 3,300 yen.

By - Jen Laforteza.