Many Japanese drinking establishments are known for their nomihoudai, or all-you-can-drink, packages, but the organizing committee for the 2019 Rugby World Cup is urging businesses near venues to be extra cautious when preparing a supply of beer for fans, the Nishi Nippon Newspaper reports.

In Oita, which prepares to see a large influx of international travelers as a hosting city, the organizing committee held a meeting to brief local restaurants, bars, and hotels about the possibility of a beer shortage during the upcoming 2019 Rugby World Cup. According to the committee, rugby fans at the 2015 Rugby World Cup (England) consumed more six times more beer than soccer fans at the same venues, and over 1.9 millions liters of beer were consumed in the fan areas alone. According to The Guardian, the committee also warned that a beer shortage could cost establishments “lucrative business opportunities” and negative publicity for the image of Japan on social media.

In order to prepare for the increase in beer demand, Oita Prefecture has asked restaurants and bars to extend their open hours to accommodate fans looking to enjoy post-match festivities, as well as stress that brewers adjust their supply plans during the event. Oita will host Wales v Fiji, New Zealand v Canada, and Australia v Uruguay in the pool stage, along with two quarter-finals matches.

By - Big Neko.