Japanese retailer Felissimo tends to focus on animal themed goods and novelty items, but their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of "humor" in Japanese) gravitates toward the more absurd, such as scratch and sniff snickers that smell like cat and Shiba Inu bellies, or gigantic fried shrimp pajamas. Not betraying that pattern, their latest offering is a wearable blanket that turns you into a UFO abducting an innocent cow!

It's a simple "wearable blanket" and UFO hood two-piece set, but one pull of a string lets you shift between hovering alien spaceship and cow-abducting UFO.

Shut the blanket like so for a UFO traveling through space aesthetic

Undo the fastener and pick up unsuspecting cows!

But also remember to feel bad for the cows.

The blanket is sleeveless, meaning you can move freely around the house (or outside if you dare) with no inconvenience. But what do you do with the cow you just abducted? Why, you cuddle it of course!

The back of the UFO hood contains the cow you abducted--so you can conduct cuddling experiments on them!

The UFO is also strapped with glow-in-the-dark tape for a mysterious aesthetic.

The fleece blanket is said to be warming and free flowing, making it a comfortable--yet quirky--look to stay cozy with during the winter season. Here's a video in case you need instructions.

Priced at 8,200 yen, the blanket is currently up for reservation on Felissimo's Japanese site until December 17th, with delivery scheduled between early November and December 23rd. It usually takes a while for the item to become available on the international order site, but you can follow here. Happy abducting.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.