Gluten-free cheesecake isn't anything new. The secret is all in the crust. You can make it with gluten-free graham crackers or make a crust from scratch with any kind of gluten-free flour. There are many choices there: amaranth, corn and rice just to name a few. However, not all grains lend themselves to making cakes and cookies. This is particularly true in Japan for sobako 蕎麦粉, the flour with which soba noodles are made—in other words, buckwheat flour.

Sobako Cheesescake

Soba no Oto, a pastry shop specializing in gluten-free sweets, finished two years of trial and error to finally create a delicious cheesecake with a special taste unlike any other.

This sobako cheesecake is made with buckwheat flour milled by Kaga Seifun, a traditional buckwheat flour maker that traces its history back 140 years to the Meiji Era. The dessert makes exclusive use of premium stone-milled sobako from Fukui Prefecture which has a fine texture and a rich flavor.

With a crust that fully brings out the rich flavor of buckwheat with just the right hint of saltiness, a delicious cream cheese filling, and a crumble topping made with sobako and tangy parmesan cheese, this sobako cheesecake delivers a satisfying blend of sweet and savory flavors. Delicious on its own, or enjoyed as an otsumami (a "snack" to pair with alcohol), this will surely be a delicious treat for the gluten-intolerant gourmand.

The "Sobako Cheesecake" is made under the supervision of pastry and culinary researcher and food coordinator Mayuka Morisaki 森崎繭香, and sold through

The Sobako Cheesecake feeds 3 to 5 people, measures 15cm in diameter, and costs JPY 3,940 + 550 JPY for refrigerated delivery within Japan.

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By - Ben K.