In Japan, cherry blossoms are more than just a pretty flower to look at. Thanks to their subtle sweet taste and the fact that their leaves are also edible, you get a variety of cherry blossom dishes served up during spring.

The baked goods specialty store, Cheese Garden, has shops all across Japan and this spring, they’re upping their cheesecake game with a new cherry blossom-flavored cheesecake. It has double flavors of cherry blossom: the dough is mixed with several types of cheese and cherry blossom bean paste, and on top of that, they also mixed in salted cherry leaves to the paste to add a layer of contrast between the flavors.

To wrap up the cherry blossom theme of it all, the box it comes in is filled with cherry blossom patterns and is in the same bright pink color as the blooms.

One box of Cheese Garden’s Sakura Cheesecake is priced at 1,450 yen. They will be available for purchase through their branches in Japan (you can find their list of stores in Japanese here) and through their online store from March 16 to April 27, 2021. Delivery is currently limited to Japan.

By - Jen Laforteza.