Anyone who has spent any amount of time playing video games knows that no matter how realistic the game is, characters often have an odd but somewhat endearing way of walking around, maneuvering obstacles, and observing their surroundings.

Japanese Twitter user Ganso (@KaoruGans0), who is part of the YouTuber duo Komazawa Isolation, recently shared a video the group made of him exploring the surroundings of Shibuya station as if traversing the world of a video game. The hilarious and expertly edited video is helped in part by a lack of crowds due to the current situation, but also because of the perfectly recreated video game character mannerisms.

The "game" is titled "Grand Theft Gotoku Solid", which is a mashup of the games the video spoofs--Grand Theft Auto, Ryu ga Gotoku (the Yakuza series), as well as Metal Gear Solid. The main character must search for clues regarding a mysterious man in black he witnessed doing something suspicious.

The video is filled with video game tropes, such as clunky walking, running, and turning around. When the main character arrives at the famous Hachiko statue, he inspects it for a key to a nearby coin locker. Upon searching again, he's told nothing is there. When looking at vending machines, the text reads "This doesn't seem necessary right now." He even comically "equips" a cowboy hat from his inventory at one point.

The YouTuber group is actually making a series of the real-world video game, the first full episode of which can be seen below. Check in regularly with them for more awesome followups!

By - Big Neko.