With his own cafe and lineup of traditional Japanese confectionery, it's no wonder video game hero Kirby is a popular inspiration for homemade sweets (although not every attempt is so adorable). Japanese sweets enthusiast and expert in icing decoration Manatanuki (@maaco414) seems to have nailed the many expressions and pinky and puffy image of the video game hero, however, with their wonderful Kirby meringue cookies!

Manatanuki squeezes out the mixture into a perfectly round Kirby, and fills in the details of several different expressions with icing. The light and fluffy cookies even make for a great addition to coffee or tea, with the help of an edible lifesaver, of course.

You can follow an instructive and detailed making video below, should you wish to make your own Kirby cookies.

In the past, Manatanuki has crafted awesome cookies based on Yoshi and Pokemon as well, so be sure to follow on Twitter and YouTube for more clever and delicious designs!

By - Big Neko.