Salt & vinegar may be a popular flavor in the United States (4th place) and even more so in the UK (2nd place), but it ranks nowhere in the top choices for Japanese consumers, who usually prefer plain salted, nori seaweed and salt, beef or chicken stock (consomme), sour cream or wasabi.

However, in recent years, a new trend has emerged among Japanese consumers: a desire for strong, stimulating flavors that make an impact. Whether it's strong spices, strong wasabi flavor, even strong carbonation or strong alcohol, the "strong" flavors are in. In fact, you'll see the word STRONG boldly displayed in potato chips, soda water and other products to make that point. And that's where salt & vinegar potato chips come in.

Calbee's ビネガー Binegaaa! wants to signal to Japanese consumers that this flavor, popular in the West, is here to stay, using a pop art aesthetic that strongly communicates the message: "No vinegar no life"

Packed with vinegar flavor in a thin chip, lightly salted and refreshingly sour, Binegaaa! is a chip made for salt & vinegar chip lovers.

You can buy Binegaaa! from August 24th in supermarkets and shops where potato chips are sold, with the exception of convenience stores. The price is listed as "open" but it should be somewhere in the vicinity of 110 JPY after taxes.

By - Ben K.