Pringles has been known get pretty adventurous with its flavors in Japan, which include karaage fried chicken and even Super Sour Cream and Onion flavored instant noodles.

Lately, however, Pringles has been working on a lineup of international specialty chips called the "Passport Flavors". They recently tackled London with a fish and chips flavored batch, and followed that up with a spicy Sichuan-stir fried chicken flavor to represent Chinese cuisine.

Pringles Japan has announced their newest entry in the series, smoky and meaty potato chips inspired by asado in Argentina: Argentine Grill BBQ!

The new chips, which comes in cans sporting imagery such as the national soccer team's jersey, a cityscape, and national flag colors, serves up a take on Argentine style BBQ with what Pringles Japan describes as smoky and savory with an extra kick of garlic flavor.

The new flavor will be made available around Japan starting July 19th.

By - Big Neko.