Your face may be cute, but is your skincare routine? These adorable new face towels from YOU + MORE are designed to make the time you spend in front of the bathroom mirror just a little more sweeter.

Featuring adorable hamster designs, these face towels are perfect for adding a splash of fun to your skincare routine.
The face towels come in four designs: ジャンガリアン (Djungarian dwarf hamster), パールホワイト (Pearl White Djungarian dwarf hamster), ロボロフスキー (Roborovski dwarf hamster) and the キャンベル (Campbell dwarf hamster).

Each towel has a hamster motif in all 4 corners, meaning that no matter how it is folded, a cute face will always appear.
If you’re stuck on choosing a towel, why not purchase them all and fill up a little bathroom basket with their faces – this way you may feel like you own a small horde of cleansing hamsters.

ジャンガリアン (Djungarian dwarf hamster)

パールホワイト (Pearl White Djungarian dwarf hamster)

ロボロフスキー (Roborovski dwarf hamster)

キャンベル (Campbell dwarf hamster)

The life-size realistic hamster printed towels come in one size measuring 34cm by 84cm, and are available to purchase for the price of 1,600 yen (+tax) online.

YOU + MORE has produced a number of hamster related goods, such as this tissue box cover featuring cute squishy hamster plushies or these fluffy handkerchiefs accented with hamsters peeking out from the centre as if they were sleeping in sawdust shavings.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.