For feline fans in Japan, Felissimo's Cat Club (Neko-bu) division provides a treasure trove of quirky cat goods that includes everything from kitty milk scented bath powder to cat drool inspired moisturizer. While not everything they release is quite that level, most of their items are geared towards the most dedicated of cat lovers, including those who actually want to be a cat. Their latest offering, the "Become a sophisticated Siamese Cat Room Dress" does just that!

The cat-ear hooded pajama onesie comes equipped with a tail and two pockets, as well as a padded kitty paw glove portion on top of an especially cozy blanket texture designed to provide comfort indoors just in time for winter.

The Siamese cat pajamas are available from Felissimo (international shipping) for 4,717 yen. Those looking for an extra step in the cat transformation process may want to throw in a pair of padded cat paw socks to prowl around in.

If you want to go all the way, you may want to check out Bibi lab's pet house for people who want to be cats.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.