There’s a definite trend towards retro goods and fashion currently, and one way to jump in on this is to grab some gear repping classic anime, such as 80s icon, Creamy Mami.

While Sailor Moon may be the most recognisable magical girl overseas, back in the day Japanese kids looked up to Creamy Mami, who showed you could be both cute and powerful!

Now this heavy hitter of the magical girl genre is back. The anime’s colourful and retro art style has been used to make awesome merchandise including clothing and accessories for two pop-up stores showing up in Marui department stores in Tokyo and Shizuoka.

The stores will be called ‘Magical Angel Creamy Mami Ani-Art Pop Up Shop in Marui’ and will both open next month.

The clothing feature Creamy Mami herself in super cute designs such as this jumper.

Or a cosy hoodie which should come in handy going into autumn.

There’s tote bags in various sizes.

And the clear pouch looks totally retro and on trend.

Some items in the lineup would look great in any anime fan’s home like the Creamy Mami calendar stand.

Or this awesome canvas board illustration.

Fans can even pick up electronic accessories like a mobile battery.

Sadly these magical looking goods won’t be around for long. The Tokyo shop will be open from 5th to 13th September on 7th floor of Ikebukuro Marui, and then from 19th September to 5th October you can find it on 2nd floor of Shizuoka Marui. Check out the event page for more information, and to see all the goods on offer!

By - Jess.