Everyone seems to be gripped with nostalgia at the moment, as awesome goods themed around classic magical girl anime heroines are popping up everywhere. There’s been Sailor Moon cosmetics and Creamy Mami pop-up merchandise stores recently, and even a Cardcaptor Sakura makeup compact has just been released.

The latest collaboration to ride this trend is coming out in the autumn, and also takes inspiration from Cardcaptor Sakura. It comes thanks to Japanese fashion variety store, Its’Demo, a brand aimed at trend-conscious young women.

The gorgeous new illustrations of the anime protagonist have been created just for this collaboration and adorn a whopping 106 items, spanning slippers to stationery, cosmetics, snacks and towels. The main colour scheme is a sweet pastel pink and fans of Cardcaptor Sakura can find anything they need to give a kawaii twist to their interior decorating.

Its’Demo are known for their affordable and cute goods which make perfect souvenirs or gifts, and the Cardcaptor Sakura collection’s offerings range from 260 to 3900 yen.

So if you want to add some magical girl charms to your home, the lineup will go on sale from 13th October in Its’Demo stores across Japan and will also be available in their online store.

By - Jess.