Krispy Kreme Japan never passes up the chance to mark an event or season with some exciting doughnut creations. With sweet snacks like sakura treats for cherry blossom season, and doughnuts inspired by the Chinese zodiac for New Year, there’s one for every occasion.

Treats and Halloween go hand in hand so Krispy Kreme would be remiss to not bring out their spookiest offerings for October.

This year’s lineup includes a classic character for Halloween, the ‘Halloween Jack Caramel Custard’. This pumpkin chocolate coated doughnut is filled with caramel custard and his creepy features are drawn in dark chocolate.

The next grotesque but cute option is the ‘Blood Strawberry Skull’. This little guy is filled with strawberry sauce to give the gory impression of blood, and he has a white chocolate face.

The ‘Spider Choco Custard’ is a chocolate custard treat, adorned with a white chocolate ‘spider web’.

The ‘Halloween Sprinkle’ ring doughnut is fairly simple, with Halloween-esque coloured sprinkles to decorate.

All these seasonal morsels can be bought individually or as variously sized boxes. The ‘Halloween Box’ (745 yen for take out) consists of a spooky trio, while the ‘Halloween Dozen’ (2160 yen take out) would be perfect for a big Halloween bash or scary movie night.

Krispy Kreme’s Halloween lineup will be available from 1st to 31st October 2021 in branches across Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.