There's been several attempts to recreate Pikachu as a cuddly household Pokémon pet, including plushies that transform when you wash them, finely crafted traditional Japanese dolls, and even waddling Pika-robots that sing, dance, and respond to your voice.

Now thanks to the JAM store, Pokémon fans can have their own rubber inflatable Pikachu to ride on in the form of Pokémon Air.

Pokémon Air is meant as a bouncy riding toy for kids, although it can support up to 100kg of weight, so adults can get in on the fun as well. It can also be used as a pillow, miniature chair, or simple as some Pokémon-themed room decor.

Pokémon Air is set to have online reservations available starting October 1st (priced at 7,500 yen) with delivery set for mid-November. Pokémon Air comes with an inflation device and spare air plug.

By - Big Neko.