Within the expansive world of Pokemon, there’s plenty of beloved creatures with cute features, that perfectly fit in with Japan's 'kawaii' culture. Thanks to this, tributes to Pokemon can be found everywhere in Japanese fashion, with collaborations that span a range of fashion brands such as GU and Samantha Vega.

One particularly cute Pocket Monster has been picked out for this latest team effort from Pokemon and Milkfed. The brand Milkfed is a staple in Japanese street fashion, and known for their simple yet girly designs.

The chosen one is the pretty fire pony Pokemon, Ponyta. In particular, the collection mostly focuses on the Ponyta regional variation from the Galar region, which was introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, whose lilac and aqua colour scheme fits adorably well with the pastel theme.

The range is called 'Hello Ponyta', and the original illustrations used for the collaboration were created by James Turner, the art director of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

In terms of clothing, the main motif of the Galarian Ponyta can be found on an otherwise plain t-shirt (5500 yen), in three different colours. Ponyta fans can choose from black, white, or light pink if you really want to go all in on the pastel theme.

There’s also a black cap (5280 yen).

A handy-looking waist pouch (7700 yen).

Or cute mini tote bags (5500 yen) in either white or pink.

While Milkfed has worked on the clothing lineup, there’s also plenty of other items in the same range using the same sweet Ponyta designs, such as keychains, water bottles and phone cases. The whole lineup along with prices can be found on the Pokemon Center online store.

All the super cute goods from the ‘Hello Ponyta’ collection can be found currently in Pokemon Center branches and the Pokemon Center online store while the campaign lasts.

By - Jess.