The adorably twisted ‘Kawaii Monster Cafe’ is a staple of Harajuku and a favourite of the area’s fashionistas, as well as a must-visit for tourists. The restaurant’s unmistakable brand of psychedelic cute has been ongoing now for 5 years, and they’ve thought of an appropriate way to celebrate the anniversary.

Until the end of September they’re offering up some ‘monster portions’, which can be shared between several people or taken on as a solo food challenge!

For a monster main, Kawaii Monster Cafe have whipped up this monstrosity, the ‘Deka King Choppy Burger’ (12000 yen, recommended for 4-6 people). Choppy is the eatery’s suitably wacky mascot and he can be seen right at the top of the meat pile as a bun. The burger is a Frankenstein’s monster of various previous menu items such as the ‘BLT’, ‘menchi katsu’, ‘teriyaki chicken’, all in a form just as big and colourful as Harajuku itself.

Like the burger, the ‘Deka Ruffle Parfait’ (10000 yen, recommended for 3-4 people) is also a rainbow amalgamation of several menu items. It combines five desserts, ‘Chemical Cake’, ‘Pink Cat Food’, ‘Melty Pancake’, ‘Little Monster’, and the ‘Colourful Poison Parfait’, to make one mega parfait.

The above two creations must be reserved in advance up to 5pm the day before, and food waste is strictly prohibited so don’t order it unless you think you can handle it!

If you’re looking for something a bit more manageable but still pretty sizeable, there’s some brand new desserts on the go too.

They all feature some summery fruits such as the ‘Harajuku Decora Mango Parfait Bowl’ (5000 yen).

Or the very colourful ‘Fuwa Fuwa Marshmallow Watermelon Frappe’ (5000 yen) which is inspired by kakigori shaved ice desserts.

Or go true ‘guro-kawaii’ (that’s grotesque cute) with the ‘Furi Kaeru Melon Cream Soda’ (5000 yen), which has a cute looking melon-frog with a creepy lolling tongue made of various fruits.

In the hopes of encouraging people to travel less, the cafe is also offering a discount to Tokyo residents of a whopping 39% off if you show proof of address.

Check out the Kawaii Monster Cafe's website for full menu and more information!

By - Jess.