The Kawaii Monster Cafe is a surreal eatery located in Harajuku, which perfectly encapsulates the adorable but somehow warped fashion sense that the area has become famous for. It’s a favourite of tourists, as well as trendy Harajuku girls.

The restaurant’s brand of psychedelic cute can be applied to any time of the year, as shown in their awesome seasonal menus, which take the holidays we know and love and turn them into something freakily kawaii.

We’ve seen their take on Valentine’s Day and even Christmas, and their latest limited time only menu is summer themed.

The new dishes are not only celebrating summer, but also the cafe’s 5th anniversary, as it opened on the 8th August, 2015.

Only in the twisted recesses of the Harajuku mind could this happy occasion be a call for a dish representing the churned up stomach contents of the cafe’s wacky but cute mascot, Mr Choppy. But that’s exactly what’s on the menu, manifesting as the ‘Choppy Stomach Calzone’ (1400 yen).

Another new addition to the menu is a summer classic in Japan, chilled Chinese-style noodles (980 yen). This colourful cold noodle dish has been made to look like a cute rainbow parfait.

A highlight of the dessert menu is the 'Colourful Rainbow Ice Cake' (800 yen). The cafe’s usual cake has been transformed into an ice version during the hot summer months for a slice of predictable cuteness.

Mr. Choppy makes another appearance for the brightly coloured 'Choppy Macaron Ice' (950 yen).

In terms of drinks there’s also a new lineup including shakes, smoothies and frozen beverages perfect for cooling down after a long day of Harajuku shopping.

With current events, some are less comfortable eating in at a restaurant, so the Kawaii Monster Cafe have made sure to add some awesome dishes to the takeout menu. If you want to bring a slice of the psychedelic wonderland to your own home there’s a variety of mains, desserts, drinks and even home party sets like the Kawaii Monster Cafe birthday plan.

This is just a selection of the crazy cute treats on offer until 30th September, check out the Kawaii Monster Cafe website for more information!

By - Jess.